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December 8, 2015

GreKo 2015 for Android: Why engines don't play until checkmate?

I wish i could do better with GreKo. Although it would not be able to compete with big bros, i'm sure a lot of ELO improvement is there and it would be nice to reflect the most recent status. Unfortunately all my attempts to get it running without interruptions fail since 12.6. Followers didn't help either.
Latest compile for Android labeled GreKo 2015 had given a new hope. Then, i've started two gauntlets on two of my Exynos 4412 devices to check whether it plays until the end. Ooops, mission fails in the morning, after a few hours.
GreKo is supposed to be compatible with UCI/XB  but only XB mode seems to work. Fischer clock mode is not working as always and ends up with 2 seconds per move systematically. That's why i went on trying fixed time per move mode directly but both gauntlets got stuck somewhere without termination.
I think GreKo sends something that Chess for Android can not interpret. I could adjudicate the games later if the engine simply exits and steps further to the next games but that's not the case and i have no clue to overcome suspended tournaments waiting for a move forever.
It most be noted that most of the hanged games of GreKo are wins or draws, adjudicatable according to a post analysis. A similar case to compare is Black Mamba, a very bad boy which terminates games on its own but i didn't see yet any game on which i can't decide about the result.
I don't understand what is different for GreKo...

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