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December 30, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish 7 beta 1 JA

The seventh fish is getting closer. Jim Ablett has already compiled the source code with commit number a5c76d6 of the first beta. Thanks Jim!

It would be interesting to compare these JA builds to Peter Österlund's builds released with the development version of Droidfish 1.59. Maybe some people will find enough time to conduct a head-to-head match. 

I hope the official version will not delay any longer because the whole community is waiting for v7 since one year. And one year of wait, in today's scale, is like a decade of the 80's.

Download Stockfish 7 beta 1 for arm5: HERE
Download Stockfish 7 beta 1 for arm7: HERE


Unknown said...

Я прогоню сегодня 200 партий с контролем по 1 минуте на партию каждому.Использую одно ядро,результат завтра выложу.Пока провожу матч между stockfish 7 beta1(Peter Osterlund) и stockfish 231015.После 120 партий лидирует stockfish 7 beta1 с преимуществом в 18 очков.

Unknown said...

Beta 7 must be stronger in any case. Maybe it's better to compare Österlund vs Ablett, both arm7.
By the way, let me renind that using 1 core prevents the comparison of the multi thread scaling abilities.

Unknown said...

Test.Дебютная книга 5 moves (pgn формат).
Контроль=1 мин. На партию каждому.1 Ядро.
stockfish 7 beta1(Peter Osterlund) +61=91-48 (53.25%).
Stockfish 7beta1(J.A.) +48=91-61) (46.75%).
Скорость stockfish 7beta1, Peter Osterlund,на 10-20% больше чем у stockfish 7beta1 J.A.

Unknown said...

Да,забыл сказать,при тесте я использовал версии ARM 7 архитектуры.