"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

December 13, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish Dev 2015-12-12 JA

TCEC-8 was a disappointment for Stockfish. It lost the superfinal to Komodo 9.3 with only 2 wins vs 8 after 100 games played. All the remaining games were drawn.

You may read more about the superfinal: HERE

The result is not satisfying for Stockfish team and it's a logical reason for them to postpone the release of Stockfish 7, long awaited by the community.

My guess it that we will only see development versions until February. What can be done during a "few" more time is to enjoy the development versions ported to Android.

Jim Ablett has just released two binaries of the latest code stamped 7904a7d of December 12th. Although i still keep myself patient for the version update in Rapidroid, others may start using the latest available version on their devices.

Download Stockfish Dev 2015-12-12 for arm5: HERE
Download Stockfish Dev 2015-12-12 for arm7: HERE


Unknown said...

Тестировал движок,он сильнее чем версия 150910 Peter Osterlund,но опять же проблемы в позиционной игре.Stockfish плохо понимает пешечную цепь и слабость комплекса полей.Есть проблемы в тактике.В позиции rn1qr1k1/1p2bppp/p3p3/3pP3/P2P1B2/2RB1Q1P/1P3PP1/R5K1 w - - 0 0 не видит выигрывающей комбинации начинающейся ходом 1.B:h7 .В расчётах этот ход мелькает но stockfish его отсекает.

Unknown said...

You are right. There are positions where stronger versions fail to find the winning combination while weaker ones succeed. These kind of specific positions will still be around in the future as well.
My only explanation is that chess engines are developed in order to play chess as strong as possible from the beginning until the end. I believe that finding winning tactical combinations is a different task. Developers can always focus on this task but their engines may not get stronger that way because not all chess games are won with tactical plans.
The risk is getting too tactical in exchange of losing the ability to manage an overall plan where the victory comes with a cumulation of very small advantages, like several long games won by Komodo in which a human can hardly see the growing advantage.

Unknown said...

По сравнению со stockfish 6 эта версия значительно прибавила в позиционной игре.Особенно это видно из того как stockfish 121215 использует открытые линии и играет в закрытых позициях.Особенно мне нравится как stockfish 121215 реализует материальный перевес.Жду релиза stockfish 7!