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December 30, 2015

Droidfish 1.59 development version featuring Stockfish 7 beta 1

Another development version of Droidfish  just came from Peter Ă–sterlund. Even though, it's still entitled 1.59, the package is different and the good news is that Stockfish 7 beta 1 comes with it.

I will upload the engine binaries included later. However, if you are interested to use them under other GUI's like Chess for Android, it's possible. You can easily strip them out. Just open the apk with 7-Zip and go to the folder named assets and extract the one which meets your architecture.

If you have Lollipop, choose x86_64 for Intel and arm8 for Arm.

To run 32-bit versions under Lollipop, choose arm7 or armeabi (arm5) but with nopie option, though 32-bit is not recommended when 64-bit builds are available!

If you run Kitkat or older like me, take arm7 or armeabi (arm5). Arm7 is better. Nopie is not mandatory.

I didn't install this version of Droidfish yet. I've thought it Stockfish 7 beta 1 embedded in the apk because the string was present in the binaries. In case i'm wrong, don't hesitate to correct me.

Download the apk: HERE

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