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December 27, 2015

Droidfish 1.59 featuring Stockfish 231015

If you are an Android user interested in computer chess and if you never ever installed Droidfish, then you must be really exceptional. That nice app is written by Peter Ă–sterlund and it's considered to be the best GUI by most chess engine fans.

So it's nice to see that Droidfish has been updated to v1.58 on December,25th.

UPDATE ON DECEMBER,26TH: 1.58 becomes 1.59 to heal the Stockfish startup problem on devices with Android 4.0 and older.

The update implements below improvements:
- Use a drawer layout instead of the options menu to fix problems on some new devices without a menu button. Swipe from left/right screen edges to open the drawer menus.
- Moved "number of search threads" from preferences to UCI engine options.
- Added configurable button action to change UCI options.
- Updated Stockfish from v6 to development version 231015.
- At least Android 3.0 required.

Droidfish is free and available at GOOGLE PLAY.


Marco said...

How can I add the new stock fish development versions to droidfish?

Marco said...

How can I add the new stock fish development versions to droidfish?

Alex54 said...

Get/download the UCI versions and insert them into the DroidFish platform following the instructions included in the Information/Help section.
Some hours ago Peter has released the 1.59 version, for fixing Stockfish startup problems on Android 4.0 OS and earlier ones.

Unknown said...

I didn't yet install 1.58 so i can't reply yet but Amador's feedback looks correct. Try 1.59 first.

Anonymous said...

Where i can get the Stockfish 231015 engine?

Unknown said...

Check this post to download 231015 engines in stripped binary versions: http://chesstroid.blogspot.com.tr/2016/01/stockfish-7-for-android-brief-summary.html