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June 26, 2016

Android UCI engine oldies: Fruit 2.1

No matter how speculated are Stockfish and Komodo these days, it nothing compared to Fruit. Those who are old enough can easily recall how frequent Fruit had been subject to endless discussions about freely available source code and authenticity of new engines. Fruit, the first open source engine in history, had been the day zero of a new era in chess programming for sure.

I'd shared a lot of fruits in previous posts but one important build seems skipped. Thanks to my colleagues supporting this blog, i came aware of the existence of a build based on the genuine Fruit 2.1 bundled in an app unknown to me, Chess Tactics and Strategy (aka PbChess), available in GOOGLE PLAY.

It has nothing to do with Fruit Reloaded, another engine completely rewritten by the same author. Compiled for arm7 architecture, i think Fruit 2.1 must be a nice addition to the Android engines collection.

Download Fruit 2.1 PIE for arm7 : HERE
Download Fruit 2.1 noPIE for arm7 : HERE

Please note that noPIE (default up to Kitkat 4.4) will not run on Lollipop and beyond. In such case refer to PIE.

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