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June 22, 2016

Android UCI engine updates: Sayuri 2016.06.04 to 2016.06.19

I'd already told that Sayuri will keep raining. So, it does. Ishibashi Hironori is updating his engine regularly in Github, although the improvements between versions are minimal, mostly invisible to Android.

I must notify that the last compile by Jim Ablett may still be stronger than the most recent one, due to the techniques he used to implement.

There are 5 builds released so far by the author in June-2016. As he overwrites the older one each time, that's my duty to save snaphots and share in my repository!

Here are the links to above mentioned daily (almost!) builds, all compiled for arm5:

Note that none of these worked on my Note II. In contrast to 2016.04.09 which is still playing in Rapidroid, they fail to send PV's and moves to Chess for Android.

If you find that you are lucky than me and if they work well on your devices, tell me which build and which processor.

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