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June 30, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Texel 1.05 recent builds for arm7, arm8 & x86

Following a remark by Alex, i've wanted check what Texel builds were shared in Chesstroid. After comparing the only arm7 build shared with the package released on Google Play, i've noticed that my version had come before the official package and there is indeed a more recent arm7 build of 1.05, shorter in size, as well as other alternative ones for other processor achitectures. So, it's my duty to share them.

The previous build for arm7 i'd previously posted will still reside: HERE for the collector's taste.

In addition, below alternatives dated May 23rd, 2015 are made available in Chesstroid engine repository, which is intented to become the most complete Android archive ever shared on the web.

Texel 1.05 for arm7: HERE
Texel 1.05 for arm8: HERE
Texel 1.05 for x86: HERE
Texel 1.05 for x86 64 bit: HERE

Enjoy saving them somewhere and stay tuned for the newest 1.06 alphas coming soon.

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