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June 26, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Pawny 1.2

Following a request sent to the author Mincho Georgiev and thanks to the efforts by the Android community, we have come to the day where many builds based on the new version of Pawny are available.

After 20 tiny test games played on Exynos 4410 limited to 800 Mhz at 120+1 time controls, the first build prepared by Aart Bik has shown remarkable improvement over Pawny 1.0.

Pawny 1.2.AB.uci.arm5: 13.5 / 20 (+11 -4 =5)
Pawny 1.0.JA.uci2xb  :  6.5 / 20 (+4 -11 =5)

The self play gap is 127 ELO at blitz conditions. A nice start...

Shortly after Aart Bik's help, i have received other builds too from Alex. They are prepared by Mincho himself without any experience on Android. The good news is that they all work fine on Exynos 4412.

I don't know yet which version must be introduced to Rapidroid. I'm currently testing with self play blitz matches.

Now, the builds:
Pawny 1.2 AB for arm5: HERE
Pawny 1.2 MG for arm5 (*): HERE
* actually this one is built for arm V5TE which is in general the target used by everyone, on all builds i've shared until now. I've never seen a V5T build, so i don't share that one compiled by Mincho.
Pawny 1.2 MG for arm7: HERE

There's also an arm6 build available but it makes no sense while arm7 is available.

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