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June 1, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish dev't 2016.05.28

After three months Jim Ablett had compiled a development version of Stockfish, a new version is available thanks to Peter Ă–sterlund, the author of Droidfish GUI.

Since i've already posted about Droidfish release, the purpose of this post is the Stockfish engine which comes bundled in it.

The builds are dated 28th of May and they are probably the strongest Android builds you can install on your devices. Even though i can't be 100% sure about this without playing test gauntlets, i can rely on the common positive feedback coming from the computer chess community.

I've prepared two files with the builds taken from Droidfish, depending on the main architecture:
Stockfish 2016.05.28 for arm: HERE
Stockfish 2016.05.28 for x86: HERE

Bon appetit!


Unknown said...

After 200 batches,with control 1 second/move increment ~25 Elo compared to stockfish 7 P. O.

Alex said...


Unknown said...

New stockfish 120616.

Unknown said...

Alexey the link text is not complete. Can you send it again?