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June 1, 2016

Droidfish 1.61 with Stockfish 2016.05.28

In reply to a question asked in Talkchess forum, Peter Ă–sterlund shared recently a link to the development version of his wonderful GUI Droidfish. Actually i don't know much about what GUI improvements are featured but i guess most fans will rather appreciate the presence of the newest development version of Stockfish in this version.

I will soon share the engine compiles separately. However, if you already have Droidfish installed you may prefer to update it to the development version and upgrade Stockfish to the most recent build available for Android on-the-fly.

Meanwhile, this Stockfish build is supposed to be the strongest chess engine ever that you can run on your Android device. Now, enjoy the beast packed within Droidfish: HERE

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Alex said...

Hi Gurcan!
Komodo 8 became a free engine https://komodochess.com/Komodo8-40a.htm