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April 18, 2017

Acid APE Chess Beta 14

APE is a challenging chess GUI's for Android, though my preference still goes to Chess for Android for UCI/XB engine management and tournament features. However, i'm probably the one to blame for specific expectations.

WHAT'S NEW (30-Mar-2017):
Beta 14:
- The game page has seen a slight facelift.
- A new pager has been designed.
- The ELO range of online opponents can now be filtered.
- The ELO ratings of engines are now automatically displayed.
- Numeric engine options having a large range are now easy to input.
- Improved resign/draw handling for UCI engines.
- The human player name can now be edited.
- Performance has been improved and memory footprint decreased.
- Various other functional and technical improvements have been made.

Download latest version from GOOGLE PLAY.

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