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April 19, 2017

Whispering about Rapidroid April-2017

Stockfish 8 will be clearly on top thanks to the huge improvement over the last development version 20160716. I don't even mention 40 more ELO potential of recent Cfish builds.

No matter how well plays SF8, Komodo 10.3 is a big disappointment after 10.2 which didn't find a chance to be announced. Komodo 10.3 is more than 130 ELO behind SF8! The last remaining explanation would be a careless 32-bit compile, given that 10.2 was only 40 ELO behind SF8 in my previous unreleased ranking, partly based on a faster TC of 600+2 that i decided to refresh and align to regular 900+1. So TC is not the cause because one wouldn't believe Komodo needs blitz to perform better. Conclusion: I'll really miss Komodo 10.2.

Chiron 4 is the new #3 with +70 ELO over Chiron 3. Mr.Farina boosted more than expected. We finally see the old arm5 build of Critter overtaken by a third engine. What a long wait has it been indeed...

Firenzina 2.4.3 was very close to follow Chiron the same way but it missed the chance by a few ELOs. Remains #5.

And if you ask for Houdini for Android... Nope. Thanks to Mr.Houdart once again.

I plan to release the new rankings by next week after a few more verifications, including manual games played by non-Android engines.


Alex said...

Hi Gurcan, can you somehow mesure Hawk chess engine elo?

Unknown said...

One day, for sure...