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April 18, 2017

Chess Online 11.0.0 by Miroslav Kisly

This may be the first time i'm referring to this app in Chesstroid but don't think it's a newborn.

Miroslav maintains his app since a long time and he managed to release the eleventh update. Although some may state it's not the best choice for online chess play (btw what's the measurable criteria for that?), there's an embedded "own" engine which i'd consider an interesting opportunity for Rapidroid in the future via manual games vs uci engines.

What i mean by "future" here is probably the 22nd century if i keep working for automotive industry until i finish all the remaining tasks.

WHAT'S NEW (01-Apr-2017)

* Ability to choose 9 boards
* Boards: wood, marble, classic
* Many Engine fixes!
* Show attacked pieces
* Undo fixes
* Ability to undo ended game
* Export chess game to PGN
* History dashboard fix
* Improved game end descriptions
* Castling move hint
* En passant move hint

* On-line and Bluetooth multiplayer
* Accessibility - Adapted for people with visual impairments
* Ability to compose own figures position
* AI engine with 10 difficulty levels
* Parental control - control your children progress
* One or Two player mode
* Auto-save
* Attractive classic wooden interface
* Undo move
* Ability to save games and continue later
* Statistics
* On-line ELO and Scores, leaderboards, achievements, chat, player invitations

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