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April 18, 2017

Big Bull Chess Free 2.7.2

Kind of a strange chess app with a powerful engine that you are not allowed to run at full pace because of weird time usage. Even at the highest level, the engine does not spend more than some seconds per move.

I usually don't take seriously the chess apps without clocks. A lot of them offer "levels" which don't reflect a standard. Good for casual play but nothing more.

This update of Big Bull is here for the sake of the internal engine, though there's no information about the programmer. Let's be positive and think it's not based on Stockfish source.

The description by the developer says:
"Simply the best free chess app for Android!
* 10 play levels from very easy to extremely hard. There is one level for everyone no matter if your a beginner or an expert!
* Very impressive chess engine which teaches you the names of famous chess openings by showing the name of openings as you play them.
* Play Online against players from all over the world. Get started right away by playing as guest or register for an account at freechess.org (link in the app).
- Get your ranking in three different game modes (Lightning, Blitz, Standard).
- Improve your game skill by watching other players games live.
- Chat with your opponents or other people that are online.
* Send PGN files so you can review your games on your computer or anywhere you like.
* 2 player hot-seat.
* 3 Chess Board colors and 3 Chess Piece Sets.
* Clean and simple interface.
* Keeps statistics so that you can keep track of your improvement.
* Designed for both Tablet and Phone."

WHAT'S NEW v2.7.2 (21-Mar-2017):
* Minor bugfixes

The app comes in two versions, free and paid. You can take a look at the recent version on GOOGLE PLAY.

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