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April 27, 2017

NEW APP: Chess Tournament 0.5.5 by Javiolo

Very good news to see Javiolo releasing this long awaited app. I'm sure he's got what it takes to implement something even better than Chess for Android. More significantly, he's dedicated to develop several chess apps in parallel and improve them regularly.

Indeed, CfA is simple, stable, handles XB engines and has low memory usage but that doesn't mean it's complete. So, Chess Tournament, available for free download from GOOGLE PLAY has the opportunity to become the king vey soon.

Now, test it with your tourneys and share your opinions with Javiolo on Google Play and with me here.


Alex said...

Gurcan, check your email, small present from Aprijal.
Update for komodo, now it is 10.4 version.

Alexei Chernakoff said...

A very good shell! The main feature
is the function of awarding. Now if
the sliders show the advantage of
one of the engines of +4 (this
parameter is adjustable). Also, the
shell can award a draw due to a lack
of material or if the engines show
several moves with a score close to
0. The " "The number of games," the
rating of the engines based on the
results of games, "" saving games in
pgn "will be in the full version, which
will be released next week.

Alex54 said...

It does not work on my Huawei Honor Note 8.0 octa-core phablet.
I sent the error to Javiolo and he told me " It will have to be solved on next version". We will see, but it was disappointing.

Alex said...

Has been updated to version 0.5.6

Alex said...

Amador Cuesta. Did you manage to open the GUI at all?
After the first launch, a FAKE REPORT message appears on the screen, do not press OK, press cancel! After that you'll see another message - "asking permission access to your picture library" press ok. Relaunch the app again, it will work. Fake report will never appear again.

Anonymous said...

crash report not true.

Unknown said...

Hi Gurcan,do you have Carballo chess engine.its too good.

Unknown said...

Carballo is the native engine used by Mobialia Chess. Unfortunately, there's no standalone binary for Android.

Unknown said...

There's no tablebase feature yet. Am i right?

Alexei Chernakoff said...


Alex said...

Gurcan and Alexei, if you talking about new CUI, there is a future for TB
->MENU->PREFERENCE->Use EndGame TableBases (if you have PgnAdmin tool by Javier) put the TB to /PgnAdmin/TB/syzygy
or you can use->Alternate path Syzygy-> for example (/mnt/storage/syzygy)..
The problem is that, nobody knows if the engine actually use TB in the game, no TB hints available (i think they not work yet).
About pgn files, you can save played games in free version, they are in /mnt/storage/emulated/PgnAdmin/EngineTours folder,
i have PgnAdmin tool installed, i've saved some games so far.

Jones Morris said...

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