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July 4, 2016

Android UCI engine oldies: Stockfish 2.X collection

I guess it's time to recapitulate everything about old Stockfish builds, bearing in mind they've become too many to count and difficult to distinguish.

Last week i had started with 1.X and hopefully it was way too easy with just two builds. I had promised to repeat the same with the successors, so today i do it.

After a few compatibility tests i've conducted on Android Jellybean and Marshmallow, i've prefered to rename all the builds in such a way to reflect the source (often the editor and/or the application) as well as the compatibility level, in order to help the user select the suitable build.

Notice the following basics:
If arm5 or arm7 and no pie: use with Arm 32-bit, up to Kitkat
If arm8: use with Arm 64-bit, Lollipop and Marshmallow
If x86 / no pie: use with Intel 32-bit, up to Kitkat
If x86 / pie: use with Intel 32-bit, Lollipop and Marshmallow
If x86_64: use with Intel 64-bit, Lollipop and Marshmallow

...or if above basics look complex, try each build until you find the good one.

And now, here are all 2.X fishes i've collected so far, compressed with 7Z. I've tried to sort them in chronological order of appearance for your convenience. I hope the order is correct.

Stockfish_2.0_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.1.JA_uci.arm5.pie: HERE
Stockfish_2.1_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.1.1.JA_uci.arm5.pie: HERE
Stockfish_2.1.1.DF138_uci.arm5.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.1.1.DF138_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.1.1.DF138_uci.x86.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.2.1.JA_uci.arm5.pie: HERE
Stockfish_2.2.2.JA_uci.arm5.pie: HERE
Stockfish_2.2.2.PO_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_20120603.DF144_uci.arm5.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_20120603.DF144_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_20120603.DF144_uci.x86.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_20120603.PO_uci.arm5.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_20120603.PO_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_20120603.PO_uci.x86.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_20120711.PO_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.3.JA_uci.arm5.pie: HERE
Stockfish_2.3.1.AB_uci.arm5.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.3.1.DF149_uci.arm5.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.3.1.DF149_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.3.1.DF149_uci.x86.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_2.3.1.JA_uci.arm5.pie: HERE


Unknown said...

Many thanks for the laid-out versions. It would be desirable to specify one question: what pie differ from nopie in. For example at me new engines go only nopie, and old also pie and nopie can work.

Unknown said...

Valeriy, i'm also confused about this pie nopie thing. The author of CEPA warned and informed me: For Android 5 and beyond pie is a must. Nopie should work with most arm7 32 bit devices from Android 4.1 to 4.4. Pie works too. That's why i checked all above builds with Marshmallow. I labeled nopie when they exit. If they work with MM i name them pie.

Unknown said...

Jim Ablett builds are the most compatible ones. Even ancient arm5 builds worked with Marshmallow. Surprising...

Unknown said...

Now it is clear. I was tangled by "pie" in Jim Ablett builds .

Unknown said...

I found the unclear hoichess version in the files. With laid out here doesn't match. It is perhaps taken from old pbchess: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MQ1d/bGGvST4oJ

Unknown said...

Gurcan, you saw what Andrew Grant reported in the subject "Ethereal r743" about compilation of the new version "Ethereal 7.70"?

Unknown said...

I've shared that one today. It's v0.10.3.

Unknown said...

Yes. He finally released a working compile. Shared here today already...

Unknown said...

Valeriy, even i call JA builds pie, they may be static builds. These builds, as far as i've read in the web, can bypass the pie requirement of Lollipop and beyond. I'm not able to retrieve exactly what option they are compiled with.