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July 12, 2016

Android UCI engine oldies: Stockfish 3.X collection

Here is the third episode of "Unbearable Lightness of Summarizing Countless Android builds of Stockfish" featuring Stockfish threee, released officially on 30-April-2013 for Windows.
If you have downloaded below four builds previously, you may just skip them. They were previously shared via my box repository and only the filenames are changed to tell more about pie/nopie status:
Stockfish_3.0.OR.JA_uci.arm5.pie: HERE
Stockfish_3.0.DF151_uci.arm5.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_3.0.DF151_uci.arm7.nopie: HERE
Stockfish_3.0.DF151_uci.x86.nopie: HERE

To conclude the investigation, today's additional uploads are the following:
Stockfish_20130727_uci.arm7.pie: HERE 
Stockfish_20130519_uci.arm7.pie: HERE 
Stockfish_3.0.CEPA.uci.arm5.nopie: HERE 
Stockfish_3.0.CEPA.uci.arm5.pie: HERE
Stockfish_3.0.CEPA.uci.x86.nopie: HERE 
Stockfish_3.0.CEPA.uci.arm5.x86.pie: HERE

CEPA versions come with Chess Engines Play Analyze 3.7 and they are compiled by its author. Regarding the two development versions, their origin are unknown to me for the moment.

Nevertheless, don't forget to warn me in case you find another 3.X somehow somewhere!


Unknown said...

There was one more engine of 2013: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MTJh/xYbmDzFrT (Stockfish_20131103), but is the 3 or 4 Stockfish version?

Unknown said...

I know. It will be coming with 4.x collection.

Anonymous said...

Komodo 10 is out:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.komodochess.komodo10&hl=en

Alex said...

I didn't see a big difference from 9.42..

Unknown said...

Thanks Alex. I've just posted about the K10 release. The good news is that K10 makes K8 free now.