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July 16, 2016

Komodo 8 for Android: Google Play version becomes free!

It's good news that the Komodo team started to follow the same commercial scheme as they used to do with the PC versions.

The basic rule tells: "Once a new K version is released, the K-2 version becomes free." Now, this rule is covering Komodo 8 for Android too, since they've released Komodo 10 yesterday.

You will remember that i had posted about Komodo 8 Free previously but that was a different binary bundled with the PC release. Because it was compiled for arm5 processors, it ran slower than the sold version and only on arm, only with older Android versions.

What you can get now is the exact Google Play version which others have paid until Komodo 10 comes!

GET Komodo 8 Free for Android at Google Play

P.S.: I've tried some tricks to manage Komodo 8 installation in different ways. They all failed. It seems the licence checking remained in place. So, there's no way to install standalone binaries stripped from the apk. They just exit. Installing an apk doesn't work either. Even when connected to the web, apk installation can't pass the licence checking. The only working method is to install the free app via Google Play.

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