"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

July 7, 2016

Chess Genius 3.0.1 for Android

Richard Lang's legendary post-Mephisto engine Chess Genius is still updating. Although the main code is too old to scale in parallel to hardware improvements, Chess Genius can reach 2500 ELO with a single core on a mobile.

Indeed, one might state it's useless to be interested in such "weak" engine while Stockfish is available. He will be partly right but i'm old enough to appreciate the survival of an old buddy without caring about strength. Memories matter!

I've never owned a Mephisto but i've played with Chess Genius on a Palm Handheld, on a Windows Mobile phone, on IOS, on PC and finally on Android.

The last update from 2.6.4 to 3.0.1 promises some speed up and new time control features making it a great candidate for manual games in Rapidroid. I think i won't keep myself from that if i can find enough spare time (Usually impossible when you have a job!)

For more info on Android version, visit the developer's page: HERE

Chess Genius 3.0.1 can be purchased at GOOGLE PLAY. A light version comes also as a free alternaive HERE.


Unknown said...

Even if there's a lot of stronger and faster chess engine nowadays, I still prefer chessgenius as my chess training tools and sparring partner....

Anonymous said...

Estamos de acuerdo. Soy programador y me apasiona ajedrez, No nos olvidemos que CHESS GENIUS VERSION 3.0 derroto a Garry Kasparov, con una pequeña y obsoleta computadora. UN PENTIUM DE 100 MHz. Se calcula que CHESS GENIUS 3.0 llega a los 2789 ELO, Y obvio que es asi, sino no habria derrotado a GARRY KASPAROV. Eso es INTELIGENCIA un algoritmo inteligente, no como DEEP BLUE que eran toneladas de HARDWARE desperdiciados y trabajando con FUERZA BRUTA, tratando de analizar todo el arbol de AJEDREZ.
Pienso que no necesitas mas que una COMPUTADORA PENTIUM DE 100 MHZ , y un CHESS GENIUS (MEJORADO) para derootar al campeon del mundo.
Los Motores engines de hoy estan muy lejos de jugar perfecto al AJEDREZ, y la mejor forma de saberlo es con una POSICION de TABLA DE FINALES, que las blancas ganarian en 70 movimientos por ejemplo. (Solo 1 Jugada es la PERFECTA), Puedes dejar analizando el motor y no lo resuelve.