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July 24, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Arasan 19.0.1 bundled with Acid Ape Chess

After a couple of discussions and claims about compatibility, the last version of Arasan bundled with Acid Ape Chess gets the passport for Rapidroid!

It was unexpected that v19.0.1 requires the presence of the configuration file "arasan.rc" in the same folder, unlike previous versions.

Without the config file, the build may run or not depending on your hardware. In my case, it could run with the older Exynos 4210 but not with the newer Exynos 4412.

I've verified that switching to single core makes it run okay but that's not the point, not a solution at all. I kept insisting by installing the arasan.rc file provided within Ape Chess in a different folder of the apk.

The config file didn't only fix the quad core functionality but also provided with further options for logging, tablebase setup and book usage. I hereby confirm at least the logging toggle works. You can tweak the rc file for your own choices.

The link i'm sharing HERE contains all available builds by architecture as well as the "arasan.rc" that you must install with the engine. You need them both.

Try the above and report your experience.

And for the collectors: A 7z package HERE contains the previous Arasan 18.3 builds bundled with Ape Chess Beta 10.


Unknown said...

Thanks Gurcan! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Gurcan.
Arasan still exits. Even with arasan.rc file installed. Android 4.4.1 KitKat.

Unknown said...

Still a dilemma. Yesterday i've started a match vs 18.3 on my Note 2 running Jelly Bean. It plays ok. But good news for you is that 18.3 is crushing 19.0.1 by 80 ELO after 30 games at 900+1 !!! So we may not insist any further. I think it's better to keep 18.3 in Rapidroid. Jim Ablett still matters!

Rahul said...

Can anyone provide Nayeem8.0 and SugaR2.6 Chess engine for android