"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

July 7, 2016

Chess Free 2.38 by AI Factory

AI Factory is the developer of many board game implementations for Android, including Chess, Go, etc.

I've had Chess Free installed on my devices since two years for casual play from time to time and i've seen many updates. It uses Microsoft's Treebeard engine, therefore it doesn't play at the highest levels at all. I would not expect more than 1800 ELO according to a few manual games i've conducted various UCI engines.
You may give a try on this nice looking app if you don't especially need something very professional. What i like in Chess Free AI is the Fischer clock feature which is usually ignored in many standalone apps. What i hate most is the kiddy strength settings like easy, medium, hard. Chess AI doesn't come with these at least.

GET Chess Free AI at GooglePlay.

In case you don't want ads, you may purchase the paid version HERE. It's cheap enough.


Anonymous said...

Interesting estimation on the strength, since Chess Free claims it can play at 2100 on highest level.

I have tested it a few times, using the BlackMamba 2.0 on Droidfish with 15s+1s against Chess Free level 12. BlackMamba 2.0 can usually win, but not without struggle, and sometimes Chess Free can hold the draw. I think 1800 estimation may be a bit too low. Too bad it cannot enter Rapidroid.

Apart from its very narrow opening repertoire, Chess Free is quite suitable for human to play against.

Unknown said...

Hi Gurcan. Texel 1.06 is out! http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/89684995/texel106.7z

Morten said...

Definitely one of the better free-to-play/cheap chess apps for beginners. There's a lot of crappy ones out there, but this one has all the basics and more covered. Interface is smooth, easy to get a game going, playing style is nice, achievements is a nice touch and PGN export is good. For analysis, database functions and GM strength you need to look elsewhere, but for beginners and mid-level players this is good.