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October 8, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Arasan 19.1

A good news from September is that Aprijal Pasaribu came in to follow Jim Ablett's path and take over his legacy. Thanks to him, various engine updates will probably to rain on our devices.

After a lot of blitz tests, i'm confident that his builds are healthy and fast, especially on arm7 architecture. Regarding arm8 64-bit, even though he's able to compile without testing, these builds can't run as fast as expected. The reason is that the optimization operations he regularly does imply that the builds run on the target architecture. Unfortunately he doesn't yet own an arm8 device.

I've calculated about 5% less kNps for arm8. That's the same ratio he claimed for arm7, between a "PGO" optimized build and a non-optimized build.

But wait, who cares 5% less nodes as long as he compiles that frequently. Go Aprijal Go!
Below is the link to his first build of Arasan 19.1 dated 2016.09.27. A few blitz tests at 180+2 time control on MTK6752 show that it's stronger than 18.3 which plays in Rapidroid.

GET Arasan 19.1 2016.09.27 for arm7

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