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October 8, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Laser 1.3 Beta

Laser 0.2beta, currently floating around 2400 ELO in Rapidroid was a little problematic build and it needed to run as an XB engine via a specific polyglot adapter.

With the new version 1.3beta compiled by Aprijal, the problem seems totaly gone and the engine works fine with Chess for Android, except for some endings which require post adjudications.

What's exciting is that it can now use multi threads, something impossible with the polyglot solution.

I expect a big boost from single threaded 0.2beta to quad threaded 1.3beta. To follow up...

GET Laser 1.3beta.AP for arm7 pie
GET Laser 1.3beta.AP for arm8

And just for the collectors, the initial 1.3beta build working with polyglot solution is HERE.

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