"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

October 8, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Texel 1.06a48.AP

In fact, that one looked retro to me at first sight because Texel 1.06 was already released some time ago. I assume Aprijal skipped or couldn't find the latest source to compile.

No matter what, his journey in time didn't fail at all according to the performance of the build. The alpha has no problems to beat the Google Play version of Texel 1.06. The conclusion is: Compiling process and environment matters!

TC:180+2 on MTK6752 4 threads on 8 cores

Now it seems Aprijal's build deserves a gauntlet shot to replace Peter's in Rapidroid.

GET Texel 1.06a48.AP for arm7 

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