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October 23, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish dev't 2016.10.21.AP

The most recent Android builds of Stockfish comes from Aprijal. Thanks again.

GET Stockfish 2016.10.21.AP for 32-bit arm7 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.10.21.AP for 64-bit arm8


Unknown said...

Hello Gurcan!
New updates for K2 (Sergey Meus) 0.87(arm5) and Texel 1.07a6 (TCEC9 version) =chess engines diary.

Unknown said...

Gurcan, Texel 1.07a6 by Aprijal working fine! Both version :)

Unknown said...

I confirm that PO build arm7 works okay too on Exynos 4412. I'd first tested arm8 only and it was okay.

Alex said...

Texel 1.07a6 by Aprijal is the most stronger/faster from the other versions!