"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

October 8, 2016

New Android UCI engine: Nemorino 1.02.AP

Yet another new engine in the Android battlefields: Nemorino is written by Christian Günther. It's not a weak engine and 2800 ELO in Rapidroid can be expected.

Nemorino features under Windows are:
UCI and XBoard support (experimental - all testing is done using UCI)
Syzygy Tablebase support
Standard Chess and Chess960
Multi Core support (Very Lazy SMP)
Multi PV analysis mode
64-bit Windows only
About 2900 ELO on CCRL 40/4 scale

...and a description taken from Chessprogramming Wiki says:
"A UCI compliant, free open source chess engine by Christian Günther, also supporting the Chess Engine Communication Protocol, written in C++ and first released in September 2016 under the GPLv3 license. Nemorino's board representation and move structure are taken from Stockfish. Nemorino supports Syzygy Bases based on Basil Falcinelli's Fathom API, applies a very lazy parallel search and is able to play Chess960."

I don't know whether Syzygy is working in Android. Testers who use tablebases will probably try it.

GET Nemorino 1.02.AP for arm7 pie
GET Nemorino 1.02.AP for arm8


Alex said...

Gurcan, I'm still waiting for your post about the hash calculation! :)

Alex said...

Update for CEPA.