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October 8, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish dev't 2016.09.29

When two compilers concentrate on the same daily source, no doubt that countless builds come in. That was exactly the case on 29th of September and below is the outcome of the hard work. Thanks to Aprijal and Javier!

GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.AP for arm7 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.AP for arm8
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.AP for x86 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.CEPA045 for arm5 nopie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.CEPA045 for arm5 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.CEPA045 for arm7 nopie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.CEPA045 for arm7 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.JV for arm8
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.CEPA for x86 nopie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.CEPA for x86 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.09.29.JV for x86_64


Moch Wawan said...

Any homepage belong to javier?

Unknown said...

None as far as i know. If yes, i think he will reply soon here.