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October 8, 2016

New Android UCI engine: CroChess 1.03b2

CroChess is nothing but a Stockfish derivative tweaked for longer time controls. Thanks to Aprijal for preparing the Android version.

The description taken from the maintainer Ivan Ivec's page says:

"CroChess is a clone of Stockfish maintained for better performance on long time controls.

It is simply my effort to test patches for Stockfish on longer time controls. Beta versions are actually final versions, but I'm still trying to tune some constants.

To optimize performance of Crochess each variant will be tested with only one time control: 300s (5min) + 3s (1 thread, 256MB hash, at least 1000 games).

However, I expect that volunteers will test them against Stockfish with longer time controls: I recommend 20min+10s (2-3 threads, 1GB hash).
It is important to download both files at the same time, because CroChess will be updated with Stockfish patches too.

Please contact me at ivan.ivec at gmail dot com even if you tried only few games and send pgn files if possible.

I'll also run regression tests with this latest time control from time to time and present results here.

I also recommend to use the following opening positions:
Test1 (100 positions for 200 games)
Test2 (500 positions for 1000 games)

Changes in CroChess 1.03 (compared to Stockfish):
1) it uses lower reductions on higher depths;
2) it resolves less fails low/high if position is winning/losing.

Motto: statistical errors must cancel themselves on a long run."

GET CroChess 1.03b2 for arm7 pie
GET CroChess 1.03b2 for arm8

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