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July 24, 2016

Acid Ape Chess Beta 10.1 ft Arasan 19.0.1

It's nice to see Ape Chess improving regularly toward a better competition versus favorite GUI's like Chess for Android and Droidfish.

Once you get familiar with the menus, i guess you can even prefer Ape to above favorites unless you are directly concerned with engine features. Droidfish is very stable, CfA is a must for tourneys and Ape is beautiful!

The new version is Beta 10.1 and it features a very recent build of Arasan, v19.0.1 as well as Cheng4 0.36c and Scorpio 2.7.7. While we've got Cheng 4.38 and Scorpio 2.7.7 by Jim Ablett already, the new Arasan is appealing. Another important detail is that Ape provides several engine builds for different architectures unlike JA builds.

You can GET Acid Ape Chess free from Google Play.

Regarding the bundled engines, stay tuned for dedicated posts to follow this one.


Anonymous said...

I am unable to import third-party engine files in Acid Ape Chess. I have tried Jim Ablett's complies and Peter Osterlund's stockfish armv7 version, both work well under Droidfish but won't accepted by Acid Ape Chess as valid engines.

Does anyone also encounter this issue? My device is Samsung GT-I9060

Joe Mark Madrid said...
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Joe Mark Madrid said...

Acid Ape chess is one of the most beautiful application that i have in my smartphone. Since i got this i continue loving it. I'm addicted to it. Please keep updating it.