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March 9, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Ifrit m1.8 JA

I've got a very old compile of Ifrit again by Jim. It never worked for me. I hope the new version, with the help of the polyglot adapter as an XB engine, will perform better.

Same rules as Protector and Pawny apply here as well: You don't rename the ifrit.ini configuration file which is coded into the provided custom Polyglot adapter and you will install, then import the adapter only to the GUI.

I renamed the real engine file as ifrit.eng to prevent confusions when choosing the engine under Chess for Android and modified the engine ini accordingly. I've also specified 128MB hash.

For devices with 1GB RAM, i recommend 256MB hash when using one engine and 128MB for engine tournaments. On devices with 2GB RAM or more, you can simply double above values.

Download Polyglotized Ifrit for Android: HERE

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