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March 7, 2015

Polyglot adapter brings UCI-2-WB conversion to Android

Once i was wondering why there's no UCI to WB or WB to UCI protocol adapters compiled for Android. It would be useful in many cases where a translation is necessary to make an engine work correctly.
It's good news that Jim Ablett fills the gap now. We can finally call Polyglot adapter to help work a UCI engine like a Winboard engine. That may not remedy but at least bypass compatibility issues.
Furthermore, another adapter which works in reverse direction would be even more useful and would make many XB engines compatible with Droidfish, bearing in mind that Peter Ă–sterlund's GUI has some superior features, although engine tournaments aren't still supported.
Therefore, even if Polyglot is highly welcome to our handy devices, we keep waiting for a WB2UCI adapter for Android.

Download Polyglot for Android: HERE

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Anonymous said...

That adapter is useless dosny work on droidfish.