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March 7, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Protector 1.8.JA

Protector is one of the top chess engines available today. It's written by Reimund Heid from Germany and due to its multi processing compatibility, participates regularly to TCEC events.

According to CCRL, Protector 1.7 is rated 3090 ELO on a PC. Now that we have v1.8 on Android, we may expect 2800 or more in our hands. That's why i simply can't wait to test it and label it "Good for Rapidroid".

However, one trick is worth a little doubt: Jim Ablett recommends Polyglot adapter for Protector to run under Chess for Android, in contrast to Droidfish GUI which can directly use it as a UCI engine.

In deeper detail, Chess for Android needs Polyglot adapter installed as a XB engine and renamed to Protector, then configured via Protector.ini in order to find the real engine binary and manage protocol translations between the engine and CfA.

The presence of a relaying adapter between the GUI and the engine may cause time delay problems in theory but i didn't yet checked whether that leads to time forfeits.

For further info about Polyglot adapter usage with Chess for Android GUI, refer to previous post about Pawny.

Protector 1.8 binary for Android and necessary additional files can be downloaded: HERE

In case you don't like the engine filename i've used, you can change it but in such case, don't forget to modify the ini file which must adress the new names and/or paths. Pay attention to NOT RENAME THE INI FILE because protector.ini is hard coded into provided Polyglot binary. Otherwise, even though the engine starts without problem, it will soon exit with error. Even Protector.ini causes problem because of P.


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Files can be downloaded from the link is not responding.

Unknown said...

Yes, indeed. I must have simply forgotten to add the link to the text. Now it's done.