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March 8, 2015

Protector 1.8 & Pawny 1.0: Packages uploaded again

I've just uploaded a third time, the zip packages of two Polyglot supported engines, Pawny and Protector with corrected filenames and 128MB hash. The links don't change, but let me give'em again:

The tests confirm we can not alter the names of ini files. They must remain exactly the same. Even replacing p with P makes the engine unusable.

Hopefully, it's possible to rename the polyglot binary. It's also possible to copy the real engine binaries, as well as the ini files directly to Chess for Android eng folder. I tried to install them via the GUI and copying them directly. In both cases, the result is the same. All 3 files show up in the engine list and we don't have to import the real engines.

Hash and thread settings in ini files work for both Pawny and Protector. Pawny is not multithreaded but Protector is. I've got Protector to reach 506 kNps with 4 cores on Exynos 4412.

I've just finished testing Protector vs Robbolito with 120+1 and 600+2 games. Unfortunately, Protector causes termination problems. It hangs randomly without reason, especially at 52th move (?). Why 52?

I've been checking all terminations where CfA reported "White (Black) terminated". The PV scores show nothing adjudicatable.

I'll keep testing Protector with fixed time per move and Pawny.

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