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March 26, 2015

Android XB engine update: Purple Haze 2.1.0 JA

A new build of Purple Haze by Jim Ablett promises better compatibility under Chess for Android. There used to be a very old build of this version by JA made in November 2012. I was much bigger in size above 1MB. Unfortunately i never managed to have it running fine, thus i couldn't push it into the Rapidroid ranking. I hope the new build will run okay.

The engine is written by Vincent Olivier. It's not a strong one with only 1873 ELO on a PC according to CCRL 40/4 list but Haze makes part of a wide n' colorful palette that i'm addicted to test and rate.

Download Purple Haze: HERE

PS: First tests reveal there are still time management issues. PH got flagged in all Fischer clock games. It uses more and more time on each move. Same applies to fixed time per move. Not eligible for tourneys.

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