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March 7, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Sayuri 2015.03.02.JA

Sayuri 2015.01.07 is updated to 2015.03.02 on Windows recently. It's not surprising to see Jim Ablett not skipping the opportunity to catch another update to port to Android. He's simply fast. 

By the way, my sense of transparency about the share of information is forcing me hard to declare the least useful finding of the day which is that Sayuri is specific for being the 2nd lowest rated Android engine after Octochess among to ones which support multi threads as of today. I really couldn't hide that fact anymore...

Send this message to at least ten friends of yours and live the luckiest day of your life or you will soon be checkmated by a chess computer. LoL.

New Sayuri version is available: HERE

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