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March 18, 2015

New Android XB engine: Evolution Chess 0.6 JA

Enuff silence. Here we go with more and more Android compiles by Jim Ablett. Looks like he's done with all above average engines with available source code so that he's started to dig deeper for more to find. Note that it starts to get difficult for testers because these typical not-yet-mature engines are often subject to early bugs. Caution...

Evolchess is written by Bhupendra Aole. Evol is not rated yet by CCRL but i've found some other sources stating it around 1200 ELO. Anyways, i can't presume Evolchess is necessarily one of the headache engines before conducting any tests. I hope it works perfect under Android and i'm more than willing to deal with another weak engine. Here, no problem at all.

You may download Evolchess: HERE

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