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January 17, 2016

Android XB engine update: Crafty 25.0.1.JA

Crafty 25.0 is updated to 25.0.1 due to a bug in memory management issue according to Robert Hyatt.

He says: "I've released version 25.0.1... Some NUMA additions, but the main reason for the release is Jon Dart found a glitch in the "memory" command that was caused by an accidental 32 bit math operation that limits memory to 2gb or less. This version fixes that...
No measurable strength improvement unless you run on a larger NUMA box where the new memory management will help modestly."

I think the correction will have no impact on Android. The new one can replace 25.0 like a silent update. I won't replace my 25.0 games in my Rapidroid database and i'll simply switch to 25.0.1

Download Crafty 25.0.1.JA for arm5: HERE
Download Crafty 25.0.1.JA for arm7: HERE

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