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January 3, 2016

Android UCI/XB engine update: Sjaak 1.2 RC1 JA

Previous attemps to include Sjaak in Rapidroid ranking had failed.  It worked as a Winboard engine but often hanged in the middle of the automated games. I hope this new version compiled by Jim Ablett shows no issues.

Sjaak is meant to run in both UCI and Winboard protocols. I didn't yet try Sjaak on my devices.  So, you check for yourself how it works under Android.

Download Sjaak 1.2 RC1 for arm5: HERE
Download Sjaak 1.2 RC1 for arm7: HERE

P.S. on Jan,4th: I've tried a simple protocol test with Sjaak. Both worked. However i've noticed that no matter how high i set the hash size, the engine ignores it and seems to use no hash at all. Regarding Winboard mode, there's no setting i can define but this time it uses no less than 64MB which is its default value. Using the same thinking time per move, the depths achieved by the protocols favor Winboard too and confirm the effect of the hash issue.

My decision is to use Sjaak as Winboard engine in case it meets Rapidroid requirements.

P.S. on Jan,8th 2016: No. Sjaak still exits automated games unexpectedly. I don't have any idea why it baheves so. Unfortunately it can't be included in Rapidroid rankings. 

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