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January 31, 2016

Chess for Android 5.1.5 is out

To me, the only GUI for engine to engine tournaments is still Aart Bik's Chess for Android.

The last update 5.1.5 which came yesterday features below improvements:
* Added ability to define opening book for imported UCI/XBoard engine
* Cleaned up position set up dialog
* "Swipe up" opens alternative menu dialog (avoids problems on devices with no or broken menu button)

You may download and install it via GOOGLE PLAY

Alternatively, there is a special version which enables the connection between Android and Windows engines. As this one require additional authorizations, it must be downloaded from Aart's web site via THIS PAGE.

I've placed a backup copy of the network version in my repository as well: HERE


flither said...

Can you conduct several tournaments on a single device in an easy way?
I know that you can just move and rename tour.xml file from /data/data/com.google.chess folder and store it somewhere, then name it back to tour.xml, copy back, and continue the tourney, but it's not the most convenient way :)
Do you know any easier way to do it?

Unknown said...

No. CfA doesn't allow that. Your method is the only one. I do the same when necessary.