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January 1, 2016

Stockfish 7 for Android: A brief summary of all pre-release versions

We are close enough to welcome the long awaited 7th version. Given that Beta 1 and 2 have been released recently, it may be that only a release candidate will follow them before the official release. Otherwise we must be prepared for some storm of several betas.

Therefore, i've thought it would be useful to summarize each and every build of Stockfish released so far following the last official version 6, with links to the repository at box.com, as listed below from the most recent to the oldest:

v7 Beta 2:
Stockfish 7 beta 2 JA (arm5): HERE
Stockfish 7 beta 2 JA (arm7): HERE

v7 Beta 1:
Stockfish 7 beta 1 JA (arm5): HERE
Stockfish 7 beta 1 JA (arm7): HERE
Stockfish 7 beta 1 PO (arm & x86): HERE

Stockfish 2015-12-12 JA (arm5): HERE
Stockfish 2015-12-12 JA (arm7): HERE

Stockfish 2015-11-09 JA (arm5): HERE
Stockfish 2015-11-09 JA (arm7): HERE

Stockfish 2015-10-23 PO (arm & x86): HERE

Stockfish 2015-09-10 PO (arm & x86): HERE

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