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January 16, 2016

New Android UCI engine: Toga Returns 1.1 JA

Valery Kotelnikov has recently sent me a package including some engines missing in my collection. It's a nice gift that i highly appreciated.

Beyond some very old versions of known engines, i've found in the package some remarkable engines which deserve specific attention. Toga Returns is one of them, although it's quite old and abandoned. As the name suggests, Toga Returns is a Toga II reworked by Ben Tennison.

For sure, speaking about those countless Fruit forks is not easy as the family tree is complex enough to fully stress my memory, every time i need to recall what was what and from where each one comes.

Knowing that Rapidroid is already "Fruitfull" with Senpai, Fruit Reloaded, Grapefruit, The Mad Prune, Cyclone and Toga, it may be that Toga Returns will not be included there. We know Senpai and FR are rewrites but others are suspected to be similar.

I didn't even test Toga Returns yet and i don't know what compatibility it may provide. For the moment, i'll make the arm5 build available for download: HERE

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