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January 24, 2016

Fritz 14 warms up against Ivanhoe 9.47c beta and Toga Returns 1.1

I wish i had more reference devices with Exynos 4412 so that i could introduce new versions quicker in Rapidroid.

Although i'm very curious about the level of Fritz, my hands are tied because of Stockfish 7, ExChess 7.88 and RedQueen 1.1.98 which must finish replaying all games of past 17 rounds, shortly said 300+ games for each updated engine. They are all multi threaded and this means both Exynos devices must remain busy. Grrr!

While waiting, i've conducted a test run on Rockchip 3188 between 3 remarkable candidate engines to get a basic idea of their strengths. Unfortunately, Gull 3 is not usable on this processor. It definitely requires Exynos and could not take part.
Test conditions:
* Rockchip 3188 processor downclocked to 1.0 Ghz
* Last 50 positions of TCEC-7 including superfinal openings
* Time control of 180+1

The cost of progressing quickly with more samples is degrading the chess quality a lot, such as:
* Faster TC: 180 / 900 = 5.0 times
* Downclock: 1.0 / 1.6 = 1.6 times
Overall: 5 x 1.6 = 8 times less nodes per game.

But i don't mind too much. The results favored Fritz over Ivanhoe Beta 9.47c and Ivanhoe over Toga Returns 1.1 clearly. I guess there's no hurry about Toga Returns. It can wait for a while for Rapidroid.
The summary with speculative Elostat ratings based on the estimated average of 2950 ELO:
The games can be downloaded: HERE

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