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January 15, 2016

Chess for Android 5.1.2

Chess for Android, the only GUI which allows engine to engine games under Android is now updated to version 5.1.2. That latest version fixes some engine importing issues (we don't know which ones???).

After playing 30000+ automated games with this excellent app using approximately 200+ UCI and XB engines since years, my favorite enjoyment is now reading the user reviews about it in Google Play and laughing.

Shall i be surprised to see how some people is able to vote one star although they are too far from reality and the final score for the app is the average of all votes? Not at all. Life is full of contrasts, people are people and there are way too many intellectual variations all around.

Then in this case, my vote is 10 stars. Five via Google Play because more is not allowed and i give five more stars as bonus gift on behalf of Rapidroid.

Download CfA 5.1.2 at GOOGLE PLAY

Download CfA 5.1.1 with remote engine feature: HERE


Unknown said...

Hi, I have Been following your site, and I wanted to ask you if you know how to install a ctg opening book on Chess for Android on the Komodo engine. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love this app for it's simplicity, though it could have some other external opening book formats handling with possibility to use such book randomly.
Also in this case manually setting how many games from this book to play would be great. Or at least random openings picking from external pgn files.
Other than that - 9/10 already.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately CfA can't use books other than pgn. Komodo itself can be set to use a .bin book but probably CfA will override that setting and send no book command to the engine. Same for hash and threads. GUI takes priority.
But try for yourself anyway because i never tried what i'm telling for the books.

Unknown said...

You are right. We had to wait a long time for Fischer clock for example. Aart Bik doesn't have a big motivation on CfA and he's very busy at work. Don't expect new features unless some kind of miracle changes his priorities.

Unknown said...

What is possible with CfA can be added to Droidfish too but engine vs engine tournaments is not an interesting path for Peter. I'd asked and he had replied previously...

Anonymous said...

Droidfish + C4A would make a perfect chess app.
There is a bunch of other chess Guis/apps for engines games on Google Play, but all of them lacking the professional approach of C4A (lack of engine parameters, no tournaments etc.).

Let's be grateful for what we have already, it's enough to have sleepless nights ;)

Unknown said...

Уважаемый Gurcan ,хочу предложить вам несколько движков отсутствующих в вашей коллекции.Особо интересны: Toga-returns,Criter1.6 (не 1.6a),IvanHoe999947c(более сильная чем 9.46b). https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Mbbs/J3M9GPFNg Также хочется узнать:почему не включен в рейтинг Fritz 14 из программы Chessbase online? При установленной Chessbase движок Fritz на моем планшете виден в меню CfA и вполне работоспособен(не на всех устройствах).

Unknown said...

Thanks Valery. The most interesting of these missing engines is Ivanhoe 9.47c to me because i've been digging several sites since months without success. If it uses hash and multi threads together, it will be stronger than 9.46 indeed. The main reason is that 9.46 doesn't use any hash memory. It's probably due to a badly ported subroutine.
Regarding others:
* Toga-Returns: I must analyze and decide since there are already a lot of Fruits in Rapidroid. I usually avoid close derivatives.
* Critter 1.6: I guess it will be a good piece to complete the collection but not to replace 1.6a.
* Fritz 14: I've purchased it without any hope for engine tournaments. It has no time setting. What makes me curious here is the compatibility with CfA you mention. In case it can play vs other engines under CfA, i will surely push it in the ranking soon.

vadlm said...