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January 16, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Gull 3 rev4 & rev 5 JA

In response to consecutive feedback from testers, Jim's valuable efforts for porting Gull 3 to Android generated five different builds. I didn't yet deeply investigated all these builds one by one, so i can't comment yet about it.

Nevertheless, it's time to summarize all that's done so far (all builds for arm7 only):
Gull 3 rev1: HERE
Gull 3 rev2: I skipped it. See rev3.
Gull 3 rev3: HERE
Gull 3 rev4: HERE
Gull 3 rev5: HERE

Rev1 didn't work well in most devices, therefore it will remain a part of the archives. Just skip it.

Regarding others, each of them led to different symptoms on different devices and processors but one of them may suit your condition. Please note that rev 4 and rev5 are special attempts not yet officially released by Jim.

In short, further releases are likely to come in pursuit of a universal build.

No matter what, Gull will be ranked in Rapidroid as long as it plays automated games without early terminations. My word!

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