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January 13, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Sting 6 JA

Sting is a legal fork of Stockfish. It's derived from Stockfish 2.1.1 and developed as separate project by Marek Kwiatkowski since a long time.

I remeber the version 5 ported to Android by JA was not well appreciated by Android users, as it was supposed to be used for analysis only. In parallel, i had kept v4.8.4 as part of Rapidroid ranking and never forced myself to introduce v5.

Now that v6 is available for Android, i'm ready to start over and forward more headache to Komodo and Stockfish. Critter must not be left alone in the hard duty :-)

Download Sting 6 for arm5: HERE
Download Sting 6 for arm7: HERE

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