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January 24, 2016

Stockfish 7 Revisited: Another battle of the Android builds

We still don't know which build of Stockfish 7 is the official one. You will take a look at stockfishchess.org/downloads and notice that "Stockfish 6 for Android" button is still there!

To make sure Droidfish 1.60 delivers the best build so far, a new tournament may be a good idea.

The engines to play are:
1) Stockfish 7 DF160
2) Stockfish 7 JA
3) Stockfish 7 beta 2 JA
4) Komodo 9.3
5) Stockfish 6 official

Komodo is here to reduce self play effects and Stockfish 6 is the reference which will scale the overall progress.

Since previous Stockfish beta and development builds are not stronger according to last closed tourney, i'm not interested in these any longer.

The games are to be played on RK3188 quad core downclocked to 1 Ghz using a little bit longer 300+1 time controls and TCEC-7 openings by lots of 50 positions each. This makes 1000 games by round, to reach 400 games per engine per round. As i can allocate one of RK3188 tablets continously for the experiment, there's no problem for concluding it.

The tourney has started today with Komodo vs Stockfish 6. I see 17.5 to 13.5 so far after 31 games played...

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