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February 1, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Akkad 0.44b.JA

The engine of the day by Jim Ablett (He's working on sundays as well) is Akkad, another Ippolit derivative.

Though i'm not against their presence, derivatives are not my first priority in my chess experiments. But that's my taste that nobody is forced to share at all. So, willing ones can download and plug Akkad: HERE


AAR said...

Knowing the amount of chess engines the legendary Jim Ablett has in his repository (not to mention what he probably has just laying around) he has the ability and perhaps the drive to produce perhaps 1000 conversions of these engines to android from winboard or uci over the course of a year...if that is his intention (we may have to ask him) there is no way the testers will be able to keep up..and long term testing of the top engines will fall further and further behind......=buried.......AAR

Unknown said...

Yes. Agree. But no matter how big the archives he'd left alone have grown up, he will finish and we'll catch up sooner or later. I'm already behind him, getting closer every day :-)