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January 17, 2015

All openings of TCEC-6 for testers

If you are one of the followers of TCEC you already know it's an unofficial World Computer Championship where a selection of strongest chess engines compete on a high end 16 cores computer every year.

Komodo 8 is the winner of 7th of the event which was organised on last December.

The openings for such an event are very important and must be selected carefully in order to prevent useless early draws and they should not impact extreme evaluations by the engines, although the position is really balanced. Thus, several 8 moves openings are rigorously tested before every TCEC event by experts and only the one matching strict criterias are selected.

One of the main opening experts Nelson "Cato the Younger" Hernandez has stated he wouldn't release these openings in TCEC website.

I remember that he'd repeated the same on Chatwing talks during TCEC. But i didn't forget either he admitted one could work on the published games and extract the openings for later use.

I assume engine testers may be interested in using these openings, the way i'm currently proceeding in Stockfish headbanging match (see related post).

Therefore, i'm sharing now these openings purified and simplified, as a PGN file which costed my hours of work on text editors and Excel.

Only TCEC-6 is done so far and it contains 454 openings. I'll see if i can do the same with TCEC-7 openings too. As usually, time matters.

Dowload TCEC-6 openings: HERE

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