"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

January 10, 2015

Strongest Android engine revisited: Two simultaneous duels

We wanna discover which engine is the strongest on our Android devices to respond to the most important problem of human kind. Huh!

The last statements submitted are:
* Stockfish 121014 looks strongest on Exynos
* Stockfish 5 looks strongest on Intel cpu's

As per latest compiles released yesterday with Droidfish, it's now a good opportunitiy to verify and confirm the facts, by conducting something solid from scratch.

I cancel all previous plans and restart two tests to run simultanously on two devices. I believe it will be fun to follow:
* 64 + 96 games on Galaxy Note II Exynos 4412
* 64 + 96 games on Asus ME176CX Intel 3745D

160 games to play on each cpu will include all openings of the TCEC-6 superfinal as well as TCEC-6 stage-4.

If still not convincing, the experiment can be extended up to 454 x 2 = 908 games to avoid any doubt about "statistical noise", by using openings used in stages 3,2,1 consecutively.

I've just triggered the superfinal openings portion of 64 games on both devices at the same time. Stay tuned...

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